The skin care basket #2

A while ago we wrote a skin care favourites post, and now is time to show you our updated skin care regime. After trying out different products we’ve come to love a simple routine that doesn’t… Continue reading

The Breakfast Club

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new series where we will share our favourite recipes for healthy and not so healthy food. Today we share with you our take on the classic yogurt and… Continue reading

Fall Wishlist 2015

Say hello to the first day of September!

NYC Recap: The Met, Gossip Girl, Carolina Herrera HQ and more!

A few weeks ago I went to NY for the first time, so here’s where I went and some outfits!

So what’s next?

I recently got graduated from university, it’s been an incredible experience that has to come to an end… At first I felt a bit lost, and the question what am I going to do… Continue reading

The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are such a staple piece in your wardrobe and they are really in this season. They are a lot of designs out there, the most common ones being biker, bomber, lady…… Continue reading

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