The perfect at-home-manicure!


Yes it is possible, there’s no need to go to the salon and spend tons of money on a manicure. It can be done at home by yourself. The best advice, is to practice to fight that shake hands. But while you get better at gliding the brush like a pro, let me tell you some tricks to make your nails look their nicest:

  • Step 1 remove all trace of old nail polish: you wanna soak that cotton pad on your favourite nail polish remover and clean away your nails. You don’t want any gunk to sit on your new manicure girl!
  • Step 2 buff away: use a nail buffer like this one, it can be easily found at Sephora or any drugstore. It files, buffers, polishes and gives shine to the nails. But don’t use it every time you do your nails, just every once in a while.
  • Step 3 use a filling and hardening base to protect your nails, it will also help the nail polish to last longer. I really like OPI’s Nail Envy.
  • Step 4 paint: I usually like to do 3 strokes, 1 down the centre and 2 on each side of the nails. The first coat shouldn’t be thick, just a fine layer. Once dry, do a second one to intensify the colour. I used Essie’s Yummy Forever.
  • Step 5 let them dry: Do. Not. Touch. Anything. It always happens when you paint your nails you nose is itching or you’ve got to go to the toilet… Well wait! And the finishing touches are a top coat like this one from Kiko Milano, that will give shine to your nails and look as if you had gone to the salon, and lastly use a hand cream, I’m currently using one from Chloé.

You’re good to go!