Today I have a slightly different post for you guys, it’s my skin care routine.

During the winter time hydrating the skin becomes an obligation more than a necessity.

Skincare basket

In order to achieve great skin, the very first step is to remove your makeup.
My favourites makeup removers are Clarins instant eye makeup remover, the cleansing milk and Bioderma.

Skincare basket.jpg2

Even though it is winter you musn’t forget SPF!  The best way it’s to apply a moisturiser that already has sun protection, like the Avène one that has SPF 20 or the Kiehl’s one that has SPF 50.
Skincare basket.jpg3
Hand cream, lip balm and hair oil.
I apply the hair oil when I go to sleep so it has time to nourish the ends of my hair.
Skincare basket.jpg4
Brace yourlseves… Winter is here